February 21, 2019

The Create Unknown podcast from Triangle Content

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Kevin and Matt go deep into the process behind making a Vsauce2 video to show how the YouTube sausage gets made… and it’s a lot more complex than you may think. We want to open viewers’ eyes to the many steps of the creative process that results in the content they love, and help creators themselves navigate the daunting, sisyphean journey of making videos.

We plunge into the creative process by discussing how to generate an idea and how to narrow down the right topic for a video. Then we get into the action steps, which include researching and writing a script that’s both tight, accurate and interesting. Along the way, we enter Kevin’s headspace as he deals with the emotional side of creators putting themselves out there for the audience to love… or criticize.

One person can rarely do it all on their own, so most ideas flourish with some additional input. Throw in the natural back and forth of working efficiently in a creative team and we start to see how complex the YouTube creative process really is — and we’re just scratching the surface.

Oh, and there’s editing, technology and gear, participating in the community, VFX, music, audience trends, upload consistency, keeping up with related content, and about a hundred other critical elements to developing that initial idea into a piece of content that your audience actually likes. So, there’s a lot to talk about.

Announcement: Season 2 is coming soon with full-featured guest episodes that span a range of massively popular creators. Kevin gives one weirdly cryptic hint about what to expect and what to get excited for. It’s gonna be huge!

Hosts are Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

Executive Producer is Dave Keine.

Edited by Adam Ganong.

Theme by Mega Drive.

Host Portraits by Tim Webster.

“The Create Unknown” is a Vsauce2 production in association with Triangle Content.

There’s a new dream job out there and it’s Creator. The allure of flexing your creative muscles in the limelight for a living is enticing young and old to jump on YouTube and start recording. But a lot can happen on the way to millions of subscribers.

In ‘The Create Unknown’ co-hosts Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor take time off from getting millions of views on the education YouTube channel Vsauce2 to reveal how dozens of dynamic creators have successfully navigated the ever-changing, uncertain landscape of online media — and how others have been swallowed by digital quicksand.

Through intensely personal conversations, listeners learn what it takes to not only survive but thrive as a creator and in life. Interviews cover everything from getting started as a YouTuber to how you land that first brand deal and the realities of being a digital influencer.

‘The Create Unknown’ is the ultimate behind-the-scenes YouTube podcast. New episodes come out every other Thursday.  Listen for free on your favorite podcast app and on YouTube.

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