September 19, 2019


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Kevin loved Stranger Things. He thought he had found the show that would be his all-time favorite. Then season 2 and 3 came along and Kevin’s world crumbled. Today, we bring in some help to try to help Kevin see the light with mixed results.

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Sean Malone is the Director of Media at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and runs the FEE YouTube channel which has amassed over 110k subscribers. We brought him onto the show because possibly more than anyone, Sean studies and breaks down stories. That’s the basis behind his Out of Frame content. In this episode, Sean does his best to dissect Stranger Things and why Kevin finds it so objectionable. Along the way, we also talk about the struggles of the Matrix sequels and Suicide Squad.

That’s just the beginning, as this we also dive into Sean’s work in creating content around economics that entertains and informs. We break down his popular Out of Frame series and how he approaches pop culture as an opportunity to teach important lessons. From Thanos’ flawed theory of overpopulation to the complexities of the single-buyer markets in “The Boys,” Sean is an expert at using popular storytelling as a teaching tool.

The conversation turns back to creator advice as we talk about how to nail that internship as Kevin remembers some personal advice from Conan O’Brien. Plus we pick Sean’s brain for his opinions on how to build a team of confidants you can seek out for constructive criticism and the difference between marketers and creators.

In a quick prologue, Kevin introduces an insightful new book, “The Science of Storytelling.”

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  • We answer questions from the Idea Baby Gang & Creators
  • Sean’s crazy time with (probably) Tommy Wiseau
  • Dealing with hot topics like politics or economics without starting a shouting match
  • Why are people so hyper-confident about economics?
  • Engaging audiences in the comments
  • Matt coins a phrase and impresses Kevin


👐 Watch Kevin & Sean’s collaboration on the YouTube series “Invisible Hands”.

Hosted by Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

Executive Producer is Dave Keine

Edited by Adam Ganong

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“The Create Unknown” is produced by Unknown Media.

There’s a new dream job out there and it’s Creator. The allure of flexing your creative muscles in the limelight for a living is enticing young and old to jump on YouTube and start recording. But a lot can happen on the way to millions of subscribers.

In ‘The Create Unknown’ co-hosts Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor take time off from getting millions of views on the education YouTube channel Vsauce2 to reveal how dozens of dynamic creators have successfully navigated the ever-changing, uncertain landscape of online media — and how others have been swallowed by digital quicksand.

Through intensely personal conversations, listeners learn what it takes to not only survive but thrive as a creator and in life. Interviews cover everything from getting started as a YouTuber to how you land that first brand deal and the realities of being a digital influencer.

‘The Create Unknown’ is the ultimate behind-the-scenes YouTube podcast. New episodes come out every other Thursday.  Listen for free on your favorite podcast app and on YouTube.

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